"Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel"


The staffing and recruitment industry generates hundreds of millions of rands per year in South Africa alone. The industry is moving towards utilising companies that are more focused on delivering quality as opposed to an impersonal (money-making) approach. Noting that Business Capital Group is a black owned company with a good standing tax clearance certificate it places franchisees in good stead to attain new business through the tender process. Making use of a franchise allows you the opportunity to make money without the stress of catering to the tedious administration associated with recruitment.

In the spirit of boosting our economy and creating opportunities, Business Capital Group has recently launched a franchise opportunity.

Benefits to the franchisee:

  •   Specialist training in recruitment
  •   Access to Pnet / Career Junction (recruitment database)
  •   Business Support including: invoicing, payroll
  •   Labour Legislation
  •   Human Resources
  •   Marketing Initiatives and Tools
  •   Administrative Services

Contact Person:

Clive Chetty

Cell: 082 877 5216

Email: clive@buscapgroup.co.za