"Therapy releases your inner strength - you knowing you better."


Individual Services

Services include psychotherapy (for individuals, couples and families), hypnotherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy for a range of emotional, mental and interpersonal difficulties, including:

  •   Depression
  •   Bipolar disorders
  •   Adjustment to life transitions
  •   Relationship difficulties
  •   Bereavement and loss
  •   Acting out behaviour and low self-esteem
  •   Eating disorders
  •   Stress and burnout

Corporate Services

We offer business coaching for staff morale within corporate companies. Our orientation and approach is Integrative - with focus on systemic and interpersonal approaches.

Personal Statement

“My aim is to provide a space of safety and healing, where the unknown can become known and released. A space where we can embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and where meaning and belonging can be found in a chaotic world”.

Contact Person:

Bridget Westwood-Chetty

Cell: 083 242 4766

Email: bridget.westwood-chetty@gmail.com