Employ, Empower, Educate, Enlighten, Entertain


Business Capital Group focuses on empowering individuals and companies to achieve their goals by identifying measurable objectives. This is done by initially defining exactly what success the individual or company aspire to achieve.

Recently launched by Business Capital Group is the opportunity for individuals and companies alike to own franchises of Business Capital Group’s Recruitment Division. This is done in an effort to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and to build Business Capital Group into a national and eventual global entity. Services offered by Business Capital Group include, but are not limited to the following:

  •   Recruitment
  •   HR and Business Consulting
  •   Training (Coaching and Mentoring)
  •   Travel
  •   Marketing and Events
  •   Clinical Psychologist
  •   Franchise Opportunity

Business Capital Group proudly boasts a saving to companies (small, medium and large) through their various service offerings. We do guarantee a minimum of 25% reduction in costs for various business units within the client base of the company.

Business Capital Group proudly boasts about taking ‘Three Million Rand’ companies to becoming ‘Nine Million Rand’ companies over a 2 year period. We are experts in identifying the roots of why either an individual or a company is not attaining the required results that they wish to attain. We have been extremely successful in providing reliable solutions to companies.

We focus on the human element and are extremely sincere in ensuring that all of our clients get One Hundred Percent more value than what they have initially expected.

Our objective is to assist and empower as many people as possible and in so doing, not only assist the South African economy but also make life worth living by getting people to experience the full extent of life’s rewards in spite of the occasional curveballs that they may get thrown.

We cater for small, medium and large enterprises.


Business Capital Group is a Black Owned Company with the Managing Director being of a previously disadvantaged background.


Our mission at Business Capital Group is to allow everyone, individuals and companies alike, access to attain true success.


Business Capital Group envisages having easily accessible branches across the country with properly skilled and accredited consultants that will significantly change the way people think, act, walk, eat and speak. We will help people achieve their true potential by doing definitive introspection accompanied by corrective measures.

  • 100% Black Owned
  • Level 1 BEE Rated
  • Senior Managements’ Personalised Attention to all Clients
  • Over 60 years’ collective experience
  • Good Standing Tax Clearance Certificate with SARS

    The Business Capital Group flame represents our burning zest and passion for success. The colour orange is associated with our enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.